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Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Utbk 2023 Part 1 Beserta Jawaban


Text 1: 

The government published a report yesterday saying that we need to eat more healthily—

more fruits and vegetables, less fat and sugar. So, that means fewer burgers, chips and fried

foods as well as cutting down on sweet things. We went into Central London yesterday

at lunch time and asked people what they thought about it. “It’s got nothing to do with

government what I eat,” said Paul Keel, a building worker, and Dorothi Mattews, a teacher

as they ate beef burgers and chips washed down with strawberry milkshakes. Tim Kennnor,

however, welcome the government’s advice. Then, we asked the Simpson’s restaurant’s

manager about it. “I don’t think people believe all these reports anymore. What they say is

good for you on June, then they say bad for you on July. People stopped taking notice. We

serve what we’ve always served. Almost all of it is fattening.”

1. The topic of the text is ....

A. people’s reaction to suggestion on healthy eating habits

B. eating a healthy lunch in Central London

C. the government’s report on people unhealthy eating habits

D. fattening foods served at the Simpson’s restaurant

E. the advantages of eating fruits and vegetables

Pembahasan :

Teks ini diawali dengan kalimat yang menyatakan bahwa pemerintah telah mengumumkan

tentang program makan makanan sehat bagi masyarakat. Adapun sebagian besar kalimat

dalam paragraf ini mengetengahkan tentang komentar dari masyarakat yang dengan

kata lain merupakan reaksi dari masyarakat terhadap kebijakan baru pemerintah tersebut.

Maka, dapat disimpulkan bahwa jawaban yang paling tepat untuk pertanyaan tersebut

adalah: people’s reaction to suggestion on healthy eating habits.

Jawaban: A

2. What does the restaurant manager think of the report?

A. People don’t understand the advice given.

B. The government’s advice is inconsistent.

C. People are more concerned about losing weight.

D. Fattening foods are more delicious.

E. People will welcome the government advice.

Pembahasan :

Mengacu pada pertanyaan yang diajukan, maka fokus kita akan langsung menuju kepada

restaurant manager sebagai kata kunci dari pertanyaan tersebut. Jika ditelaah dengan

baik, maka dapat disimpulkan bahwa restaurant manager tersebut tidak mendukung

kebijakan pemerintah yang menurutnya berubah-ubah dan cenderung tidak konsisten.

Maka, dapat disimpulkan bahwa jawaban yang paling tepat untuk petanyaan tersebut

adalah: The governments advice is inconsistent.

Jawaban: B

Text 2: 

Throughout history, people have been the victims of the pickpockets. Today,

pickpocketing is one of the most rapidly increasing crimes. Pickpockets are increasing in

number and developing better methods to practice their skills. Approximately, one million

American loose money to pickpockets every year, and no one is really safe from a skilled

pickpocket. His victims, or ‘marks’ as they called, can be rich or poor, young or old.

During the eighteenth century, pickpockets were hanged in England. Large crowds

of people would gather to watch the hanging, which was supposed to be the warning for

the other pickpockets. However, in time, this practice was discontinued. The reason: while

people attentivelly watching the hanging of a pickpocket, other pickpockets skillfully stole

the money from the spectators!

Police officials say that the most efficient pickpockets come from South America. Many

of these expert pickpockets are trained in special schools called Jingle Bells Schools. A

pickpocket graduated from J.B.S. when he is able to steal a wallet from a dressed dummy

(mannequin) that has bells inside his pockets.

Even the most well-dressed, respectable person can be a pickpocket. Some of the favorite

places are banks, airports, race tracks, supermarkets, elevators, trains and bus stations. Oftenly,

some pickpockets are working together with other pickpockets as a partner. Another kinds

of pickpocket works outside or inside the bars and specialized in stealling from women is

called ‘purse snatcher’.

To avoid being the victim of the pickpocket, it is important to be very cautious and alert

when in the midst of a large gatherings of people.

3. The best title for the passage would be ....

A. Pickpockets are Well-dressed

B. Jingle Bells Schools

C. Pickpockets

D. The Hanging of Picpockets

E. The History of the Pickpockets

Pembahasan :

Dalam menentukan sebuah title (judul), pilihlah jawaban yang paling general dan mampu

menggambarkan bacaan tersebut secara umum. Maka, title (judul) yang paling mewakili

bacaan tersebut adalah (C) pickpockets karena jawaban yang lain bersifat spesifik.

Jawaban: C

4. The hanging of pickpockets were not continued because ....

A. they were large crowds of people

B. It was against humanity

C. the police were not hanging a pickpocket

D. it was not effective to stop pick-pocketing

E. he was caught by the police

Pembahasan :

Kata kunci dari pertanyaan ini adalah hanging. Mengacu pada bacaan yang ada, kita

ketahui bahwa menggantung seorang pencopet bukanlah sebuah hukuman yang

bijaksana karena saat orang-orang berkerumun menyaksikan sang pencopet dihukum,

maka pencopet lainnya akan leluasa mencopet di tengah kerumunan. Hal tersebut

membuat pelaksanaan hukuman mati di rasa menjadi tidak efektif.

Jawaban: D

5. Pickpocketing is a ... crime.

A. an old

B. a modern

C. a temporary

D. a contemporary

E. a temporary old

Pembahasan :

Pada kalimat awal di paragraf pertama, pembaca seolah diceritakan kembali tentang

sejarah lahirnya pencopet sebagai salah satu kejahatan tertua yang pernah ada. Bahkan

hampir di seluruh dunia, jutaan orang telah menjadi korbannya.

Jawaban: A

6. “... other pickpockets skillfully stole the money from the spectators!”

The similar meaning of the italic word is ....

A. people

B. victims

C. South American

D. audiences

E. passangers

Pembahasan :

Spectators dalam kutipan kalimat tersebut bermakna penonton (audiences) yang sedang

menyaksikan pencopet yang sedang menjalani hukuman gantung.

Jawaban: D

7. South American pickpockets are the most efficient ones because ....

A. they are well-trained

B. they are handsome

C. they are well-dressed

D. they are respectable

E. they are persistent

Pembahasan :

Kata kunci dari pertanyaan tersebut adalah South America. Kata kunci tersebut dapat

ditemukan pada paragraf ketiga yang di dalamnya membahas kehidupan para pencopet

yang tinggal di Amerika Selatan (Amerika Latin). Hal yang membuat para pencopet

tersebut menarik adalah ketika terdapat sekolah khusus bagi pencopet disana sehingga

mereka menjadi orang yang terlatih (well-trained) dalam menjalankan aksinya.

Jawaban: A

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